22 Honeymoon Places That Make You More Loving

22 Honeymoon Places That Make You More Loving. Many new couples who prefer a honeymoon in Bali. As has become a mandatory destination. In fact, there are still many other cool places you know.
Well, if you want to plan your honeymoon, try to check out these anti-mainstream destinations so that the honeymoon will be more memorable!

Je T Aime ”words of love that you definitely declare when in France. As the capital of France, Paris is famous as a romantic city in the world.
Many couples who dream of going to Paris so they look more romantic. The Eiffel Tower, a Paris landmark, was chosen as the location for the shooting to propose a lover.
One of them is like Tom Cruise, a top Hollywood star, who proposed to his girlfriend, Katie Holmes.
If you also want to make your partner happy, try coming to the 8 most romantic places in Paris.

22 Honeymoon Places That Make You More Loving

1. Eiffel Tower

If you go to Paris, the most important tourist attraction you must visit is the Eiffel Tower.
The romantic atmosphere is very supportive at night because the colors of the tower lights make it more solemn.
Moreover, there are romantic restaurants that you can find when entering the tower. You can have dinner there.
Ahh so sweet!

2. River Seine

In addition to the Eiffel Tower, the second place that is not less romantic is the river Seine.
You can feel the romantic atmosphere when you sail along the Seine with your partner.

But you must be willing to spend more deeply.
Same with the Eiffel Tower, there are restaurants that offer day and night dishes on this sailing ship.Lunch is cheaper than the evening meal. But if you want a more romantic atmosphere, choose the night.

3. Pont des Arts or love bridge padlock

Certainly no stranger to a bridge full of locks bearing the name of a couple from all over the world.
You and your partner must come here. Don’t forget to write your names on the lock, then attach it to this bridge wire.
Throw the key into the river so that the relationship lasts longer. He said anyway … 22 Honeymoon Places That Make You More Loving.

4. Le Mur des Je T’aime or wall of love

There is another place that is suitable for a date in Paris, the wall of love. You can find 311 Je T’aime words from 250 languages ​​in the world. This place is famous as a meeting place for couples from all over the world.

5. Sacrè Cœur

Even though it is a church, non-Christians can still visit it.
Suitable for you to relax sitting spoiled in the yard around this church.

6. 2CV cars

Want to go to Paris but don’t want to walk? Try driving in a 2CV car.
You can rent it and go around Paris with this ancient French car.
You can also order complete with a driver who will take you around the city.
The roof of the car is open, so you can also enjoy the air of Paris and the beautiful sky with your partner. Romantic right?

7. Louvre Museum

Not far from the Love Padlock Bridge, you can also stop by the Louvre Museum.
This museum is included in one of the largest museums in the world.
You can take photos in front of the museum which has a unique and extraordinary beautiful architecture.

8. Jardin du Luxembourg

This tourist spot is definitely fun because it’s free.
There is a garden with beautiful colorful flowers and a fountain there. 22 Honeymoon Places That Make You More Loving.

You and your partner can spend time together, especially in the morning and evening.
Sunlight and the air are quite soothing. So romantic to spend time together.

Honeymoon Places

9. Camping and hiking together on Lake Ranu Kumbolo, Mount Semeru

For you and your partner who both like hiking and nature adventures.

Then camping together while climbing Mount Semeru is the right choice.
Moreover, Ranu Kumbolo does have a view that no doubt.

10. Living in a rural area in the village of Sampireun, Garut

If you dream of being able to live quietly and away from the hustle and bustle, enjoying a time of simplicity together,
then you can spend time in Sampireun Village.

11. Intimate photos on Lake Tiga Warna aka Kelimutu, Flores

Want an unforgettable honeymoon? You can go together to the Three Color Lake because the originals are so cool, you know!
Really suitable for a vacation here with a partner.

12. Dive together on Alor Island, East Nusa Tenggara

For couples who like to play in the water and enjoy the marine life, you can go to Alor Island and dive together.
The marine life is very rich, clean and beautiful!

13. Enjoy the beautiful blue sea on Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

If you want to look for other honeymoon options besides Bali, but still want to enjoy the beach and the sea, you can visit Derawan Island.
Moreover, the sea here is still so awake and maintained.

14. Travel together to the Saluopa waterfall, Poso

Do you want to go to the antimainstream and beautiful places?
Try playing with your partner in this Saluopa waterfall.
Still rarely known and visited by tourists, you know!

15. Breathe fresh air and cool air in the hills of Moko, Bandung

Who says in Bandung there are only factory outlets? It turns out that Bandung also has a hill with beautiful views.
In addition, there are also forest-style as in the Twilight movie complete with pine trees, you know!

16. Sunbathing together on Moyo Island, Sumbawa Besar

Want to laze together and enjoying time with your partner?
Just sunbathe on Moyo Island! Prepare sunglasses and sunblock so that it doesn’t burn.

17. Hunting for the rising sun and the beautiful mountains to Mount Bromo, Malang

The most romantic activity you can do together is to enjoy the sunrise while hugging in the cold air.
Well, Mount Bromo is very suitable! Because the scenery is super duper beautiful and unforgettable!

18. Hang out while enjoying warm tea together at Lake Toba, Sumatra

For those of you who like calm and beautiful scenery,
sitting on the terrace while enjoying views of Lake Toba is also fun, really.

19. Enjoy spas, massages and other pampered services in Thailand

If you are a couple who usually works hard,
there is no harm in spoiling yourself together while on vacation with a very comfortable spa facility in Thailand.
This country is famous for its spas and massages that can relax you.

20. Play until satisfied at Universal Studio, Singapore

You two still like to play? The best place for your honeymoon is Universal Studios Singapore!
Play until you’re satisfied together and enjoy all the rides there!

21. Challenge adrenaline together with bungee jumping on the Langkawi Bridge, Malaysia

For you who like extreme sports, it’s time for you two to do it!
In Malaysia, there is a bungee jumping from the KL tower, as well as a bridge in Langkawi that can make your breathing stop for a moment.
It’s really a must to get here!

22. Adventure in the Underground River, Palawan, Philippines

Who says you can’t explore the cave? If you want something more interesting,
especially in 7 Wonders of the World, go to Palawan Island in the Philippines.
There is an underground river tour that is very interesting. You can ride a boat and explore the cave inside. So beautiful!

Well, if you are the type of couple who wants a honeymoon like?

22 Honeymoon Places That Make You More Loving.